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A little while ago I decided to disable the comments function on this site.

Although the move gave me some peace and quiet, I have also been wondering whether it was the right thing to do.

Do more people read and enjoy this site if they have the opportunity to comment on what I write?

The problem with posing such questions here is… well, I have disabled comments. How are people meant to give me feedback on this very issue? I suppose you could send me an email, but most people won’t bother.

So I will enable comments – just this once – in order for readers to tell me what they think.

If you have any other questions, comments, gripes or conspiracy theories to share with me, then let’s hear them. If something about the site is bugging you (other than “your site stinks!”), let me know what it is.

But be nice. If you can. Or, if you’re genetically programmed to be an awful person and it’s not really your fault, then I guess you can be nasty instead.

18 thoughts on “Readers Forum

  1. Comments! I’d keep them off. Just look how much norightturn upsets the righties. And then there is the ever present danger of Pete George showing up.

  2. The fowl have been torn asunder by our blades.

    Our hands have plunged into their bloody entails.

    The Soothsayers all agree, the signs are clear.

    Only good can come of this endeavour, for it has been blessed by the gods.


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  3. If you have any other questions, comments, gripes or conspiracy theories to share with me, then let’s hear them.

    I believe the commenter above was upset about you managing to forget the purveyors of nonsense.

  4. “I believe the commenter above was upset about you managing to forget the purveyors of nonsense.”

    I strongly resent the implications in the above comment. Particularly, the use of the word “to” and possibly the word “of”. I have not made my mind up about “of” yet.

  5. Need my son to reach comments on Facebook or that tweeter thing. But instant gratification should be served by instant comments. Come back I say. Come bac…..

  6. I’m another who forgoes the pleasure of Facebook and Twitter, but while it’s sometimes handy to be able to comment on a story, you have to weigh that against the myriad of people who post “Me too!” or “LOL” comments. Stuff’s comments are a good example of the great unwashed being allowed to take over the asylum – high in bandwidth, low in IQ. Then there are the spammers who love adding web links in open comment posts. Personally I’d vote for no comments… your posts are entertaining enough without them. 😉

  7. Bring back National Service! Hanging’s too good for ’em! Bloody marries! Climate change is a hoax! Can’t we all just be New Zealanders?! I’ve got nothing against the gays but they don’t have to keep shoving it down my throat! Argle bargle etc.

  8. on a Blogg with a high amount of Sarcasm and thought provoking matter it is enjoyable to read the comments of those who cant figure out either..Peter George hahaha

  9. You seem keen enough to shut down the discursive bit that is part of your blog. Lex talonis and all that

  10. Yes, Andrew, bad me for daring to choose for myself how I allow my readers to engage. Therefore I really must want to shut the internet down.

  11. Scott, your posts lighten my mornings when I’ve gone back to bed with the iPad (and before it’s time to get on with the daily grind)
    This is a compliment: you seem to get it all into proportion for me; all the political stuff and the crises in the ‘Gladiator’ sporting codes. One can get so bogged down in the seriousness of it all, really.
    And from the tone of the 13 comments above I would say that if you re-enable comments then it would serve no useful purpose to you to read them. And why give food to the feeders?
    No, keep the posts comment less, and let your followers take it or leave it.
    Ps Confession: I do sometimes leave some.

  12. i liked the last gag you played on commenters by deleting all comments and shutting down discussion. noot sure if the trick works the second time

  13. Thanks for all the feedback. Looks like I will keep this site comment-free for the time being.

    Comments are now closed. But you can still find me on Facebook or Twitter.

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