Just vote!

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We’re only a few days away from an important general election, but some people couldn’t care less. I don’t normally devote space on this site to serious posts, but the large number of people who won’t even bother to vote is a stain on our democracy, and it’s no laughing matter.

It’s really important that we all vote. Voting should be compulsory. How can you complain about things if you don’t even bother to vote? This is your chance to have your say. The only way we can change things for the better is if we signal very clearly to our political leaders what we think.

Unless you’re planning to vote National this time. If you planning to vote National, let me give you some advice. Don’t bother. It doesn’t matter. All politicians are the same, and it’s futile to even make the effort. They don’t listen.

Our democracy is a precious thing, but far too many of us take our democratic freedoms for granted. Many people around the world are fighting and dying just for the rights we already have. And yet some people in this country can’t even be arsed getting up in the morning and going to vote. How hard is it, people? Don’t give me that crap about being too busy, or not knowing who to vote for. If you want things to change, then have your say! Just vote for someone. Anyone!

On the other hand, if you like John Key and think the Nats are doing a good job, you definitely shouldn’t bother. The politicians don’t listen to us.  They’re all as bad as each other. They say one thing and then they do something else. They make me sick, and if I were you I wouldn’t even waste my time. You’ll only encourage them.

There are so many things a progressive government could be doing for this country, like addressing child poverty, the problem of growing inequality, and the housing crisis. But if we don’t mobilise and organise and get ourselves to the ballot box, then we’ll never get the government we so desperately need. Everyone should vote, regardless of their political inclinations. This is our one chance to send a message to our leaders.

Unless you think National’s doing a good job. In that case, forget it. Our political elites don’t listen to us, and the only way we can send a powerful message is by refusing to support them. By disengaging from the political process we will be telling our politicians that we’re not listening. If I were you I would give this one a miss. It’s not like anyone will notice you didn’t vote. John Key won’t ring you up and demand to know why you didn’t turn up.

Whatever you do, don’t fail to vote. Democracy only works if we have our say. We must hold our politicians to account. Whatever you do, make sure you vote this Saturday. But if you’re busy on Saturday, then vote early.

None of this matters if you’re right-leaning. You know something? Our politicians are all scum. All of ‘em! Left, right or centre, it doesn’t matter. They lie, they cheat, they line their own pockets, and then they demand more power. It’s a wonder anyone bothers to vote at all. It’s a wonder you’re even thinking of voting. Why make the effort? If I were a National Party supporter like you, I’d just sit this one out.

If you watched last week’s leaders debate on TV3, you might remember that John Campbell spoke with passion about the need for everyone to get out and vote. He showed us that famous picture of the man standing in front of the Chinese tank in Tiananmen Square. That man was fighting for the very thing we take for granted. To be able to have a say in the running of his country. So it’s really not much to ask for all of you to get off your arses and vote, is it?

I’ll tell you what, though. I reckon if you told John Campbell that you planned to give your two ticks to National, he’d probably speak with equal passion about the futility of the electoral process. We choose our team, but nothing really changes. What a complete waste of time it is. And you know what? By casting your vote you’re just validating this sick joke. No, my friend, have nothing to do with this so-called democracy.

So get out and vote and make a difference.

Unless you think John Key’s a top bloke, in which case don’t. They’re all the same. They’re all bastards. Don’t vote. And look at the polls! National doesn’t even need your vote. Why waste it?