Let’s send these boat people a message

IF logo blue white canvas featuredOne day, maybe soon, we will see a boatload of refugees washing up on our shores.

There are tens of millions of displaced people around the world, and many of them are crossing borders or oceans looking for somewhere to live.

No doubt some of them are thinking they would quite like to come here.

If they ever make it here, we will need to be ready with our response.

Let’s send these boat people a clear message about what we think of them, turning up on our shores uninvited.

When the first boatload arrives on one of our beaches, let’s let them know where we stand.

These refugees are turning up on the borders or beaches of a number of Western countries. They come from all sorts of places. Many of them have little or no English, and almost all of them are penniless. They come with nothing but the clothes on their backs.

We need to decide whether we really want these people here. Are these the sorts of migrants we want?

We won’t have invited them to come, and they won’t have asked permission. And yet here they will be, on our doorstep, expecting us to help them, to feed them, to care for them.

So let’s tell them what we think of them.

When the first boatload arrives, let’s send them a clear message.

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