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It is becoming increasingly common for consumer boycotts to be organised through social media. People fed up with being ignored are taking matters into their own hands, and are using Twitter and Facebook to organise action against errant organisations.

I’m right behind this new era of consumer activism. In fact, I have decided to start my own small boycott.

Like many people, I was annoyed at the way TV3 treated John Campbell. So to punish them I have decided to stop watching any of their shows, apart from The Blacklist, Dancing with the Stars, NCIS, NCIS Los Angeles, The Biggest Loser, and Lip Sync Battle.

But I’m not stopping with TV3. I have a few others in my sights. Here is a short list of media organisations I will be boycotting.

  • TV3, for ditching Campbell Live.
  • Anything involving Guy Williams, as punishment for his show taking over the Campbell Live slot.
  • Anything involving Mike Hosking, because, well, Mike Hosking.
  • TVNZ because, well, Mike Hosking.
  • Newstalk ZB because, sorry, how long have you got?
  • TV3 again, because Patrick Gower is so horrible and unfair to the politicians I support.
  • Radio Live, because of Patrick Gower’s mate Duncan Garner. And because I haven’t forgotten about Roastbusters.
  • Anything else owned by Mediaworks, because of TV3 and Radio Live.
  • Anything else owned by NZME, because of the Herald and Newstalk ZB.
  • Any media network that gives any member of the police any airtime, because of Road Cops, which took over from Campbell Live.
  • Prime TV, because Mediaworks now makes their news bulletin, and Mediaworks owns TV3.
  • The New Zealand Herald, because of Rachel Glucina.
  • The New Zealand Herald again, because of John Drinnan’s weekly media column, which regularly hurts my feelings as a Twitter user.
  • The Woman’s Weekly, for publishing outrageous fluff pieces on evil right wing politicians like Judith Collins.
  • Metro, the Listener, and North and South, because they have the same owner as the Woman’s Weekly.
  • In fact, any other magazines owned by Bauer Media.
  • Radio NZ National, because David Farrar and Jordan Williams are sometimes on The Panel.
  • The Stuff website, for destroying serious journalism by bombarding its readers with celebrity stories, gossip, and articles about clothes, despite holding itself out as a serious news website.
  • Anything else owned by Fairfax Media.
  • The NBR, because any newspaper that puts up a paywall to stop me reading it, will stop me reading it.
  • Whaleoil, anyone who has ever linked to Whaleoil (i.e. several hundred blogs across the political spectrum), and anyone who has ever advertised on Whaleoil.
  • Twitter and Facebook, for allowing people like Cameron Slater to use their platforms to promote evil and nasty views.

I urge everyone reading this post to join my boycott. Get online and tell your friends to tune out, or to unsubscribe. Let’s force these media organisations to listen to us for a change. We want a news media that caters solely to our particular views, and we want it now!

Do it now. Join the boycott. Go onto MySpace and show them you mean business.

Update: It appears that I may have to boycott my own blogsite. Some time ago a post on this site linked to a story on Whaleoil, which I’m sure you would agree was an appalling and unforgivable lapse on my part.

It’s a bit awkward, but I can’t play favourites, can I? So please join me in boycotting this site.

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