Keep your dead children off our beaches!

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Europe is in crisis, as thousands of displaced people seek shelter there. These problems may seem a million miles away from our part of the world, but we cannot be complacent. Some of these people may be thinking of washing their dead children onto our beaches too.

These refugees don’t share our values or our respect for the natural environment. They are as bad as the idiots who go down to the beach on a weekend and leave their broken beer bottles on the sand dunes. Our beautiful beaches are already fast becoming garbage dumps, and now some people think they can just leave their dead children behind.

I for one couldn’t think of anything more annoying than going down to my local beach and finding some small dead innocent child face down in the sand.

We’re lucky that we have a Prime Minister who gets this. John Key understands how important it is that New Zealand does nothing to encourage these people. He is under immense pressure to increase our refugee quota, but if we were to do so we would be seen as a soft touch, and then pretty much every Tom, Dick or Mohammed would want to float their dead children our way.

If you give these people an inch they will take an entire cemetery. That’s why we are right to reject calls for the global community to work together and deal with this swarm of dead children turning up on beaches, or floating in the sea, or left to die in lorries or refugee camps.

We have to be pragmatic and accept that we are powerless to help. This is not a problem we can just throw money at, because although throwing money at the problem would at least ensure these people had food to eat, clothes to wear, access to medical care, and adequate shelter, there wouldn’t then be as much money available to pay Tim Groser’s minibar bill.

John Key is right when he says we’re a small country and cannot ourselves solve the global refugee crisis. He understands how global politics works. He knows that if you cannot solve a particular problem on your own, without working with others, then you should do nothing. Absolutely nothing. Unless, of course, the Americans ask nicely or it will help our farmers sell their milk.

Now some people might consider such a stance to be shameful, gutless, cowardly and inhumane, and a betrayal of New Zealand’s long history of standing up for the rights of those less fortunate than ourselves. But what is the alternative? Help some of these people? Why should we help people who will litter beaches with their own dead? What about their responsibility not to drown and have their corpses become a burden on our society?

It’s happening in Europe, and it will probably happen here soon. These people are threatening to come over here and wash their dead bodies onto our pristine beaches. Who the hell do they think they are?

Can’t they leave their dead children somewhere else?

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