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Above: All Black halfback Aaron Smith is pictured not having sex in a toilet

Things are tough in the news media, with journalists under increasing pressure to file stories the public will find clickworthy.

So this Aaron Smith sex story must be a welcome distraction from all the usual dreary news about crime, car accidents and the economy. This is a great story involving the three things people just love to read about: celebrity sex, sport and public toilets.

Like all stories, it will eventually run its course. But here are some fresh angles to help keep this thing alive for a wee bit longer.

All Black’s airport sex scandal: how will it affect house prices in your area? (check out our interactive map)

He got caught having sex in an airport toilet. What happened next will blow your mind.

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An editorial confusing sexual assault with consensual sex

Eddie Jones: Smith scandal shows ABs are vulnerable

Stephen Jones: Smith scandal shows ABs are overrated

Reader poll: is it time to ban toilets?

Pearl clutching: the new fitness craze sweeping the country

Christchurch loo liaison: Green Party calls for urgent government inquiry

Thinking about toilet sex? ACC warns of injury risk

Chris Rattue: forget Trump. Could Steve Tew be the Antichrist?

Rugby great: “it would never have happened in my time”

What the world media is saying about our toilets

Editorial: PM’s comments on Smith scandal show economy is in good health

Here’s what some celebrities had to say about it on Twitter

Latest rugby incident may force NZRU to look again at castration option

Expert: Smith sex scandal won’t affect US election outcome

Build your own sex toilet: a step by step DIY guide

Richie McCaw: “the boys will be gutted”

Where’s the best place to have sex? Our readers reveal their favourite shagging spots

Taxpayer’s Union discovers a waste-of-public-money angle to the story

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