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Dear readers,

I’m sure you will share my outrage and revulsion over recent events involving a high-profile person and the things he or she may have said or done.

We should not be surprised at the latest turn of events. We have seen this sort of thing all too often. Frankly, it’s become tiresome and predictable.

But nor should we stand by and do nothing. We need to send a message that this appalling behaviour will not be tolerated. Justice demands a loud and clear response.

I am of course talking about the people who launch online petitions demanding that those who offend them must be punished, whether it be by firing them, stripping them of titles, or taking them off air or out of print.

What do they think they are achieving? Do they think the people they are demanding action from give a damn? Or that anything will come from their efforts, apart from widespread scorn and a potential lawsuit?

The people responsible for these petitions won’t stop unless we tell them what they’re doing is not okay. But how do we send them a clear message?

There is one way we can hit these people where it hurts. Please sign my online petition (by leaving a comment below expressing your support) calling for the people responsible for these offensive online petitions to be punished.

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One thought on “Sign my petition

  1. Cool! We can get rid of petitions to bring back smacking children, abolish Maori Seats in Parliament, remove all references to Te Tiriti o Waitangi from legislation, shut-down all targeted [‘race-based’] initiatives regardless of worth, free Allan Titford and the like … Indeed, if a legal precedent is set, this might prevent ALL Citizens Initiated Referendum? Sign me up to that SHITE …

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