Questions the media just won’t ask

What bioweapon did the police deploy to infect so many of the Wellington protesters with a sore throat, cough, runny nose and fever?

Did the government engineer the Russian invasion of Ukraine to divert attention away from what just happened in Wellington? If so, how? Just what does Ardern have on Putin?

Are the empty supermarket shelves a deliberate government move to reduce the supply of aluminium foil?

Kane Williamson and Trent Boult have been “missing” from the Black Caps test team. Have they been disappeared by the government?

If Covid is such a threat to the nation, demanding stringent public health measures, why have so few people in New Zealand died of Covid?

Why does the PM continue to hide her daughter’s links to Ukrainian oil companies?

Why won’t politicians engage in constructive dialogue with the protest groups demanding that they be executed?

Some guy I just saw on YouTube says that Ardern and the Freemasons worked together to steal the 2020 election, aided by a sophisticated communist-paedophile cabal comprising the CEOs of big pharma and various enemies of Donald Trump, and somehow Dr Fauci was involved too. Where is the corrupt news media on this bombshell story?

Was Shane Warne’s death an Antifa hit? And why was Clarke Gayford staying at the same Thailand hotel on the day Warne died?

And how did Gayford manage to get through border control with a monitored ankle bracelet? Who did he pay off?

Could Dr Ashley Bloomfield be a secret cannibal?

Are the birds spying on us? What is their agenda? And who are they working with?

Why the big deal about protesters pouring sewage into Wellington’s harbour via the stormwater system? No-one ever complains when the fish shit in the sea.

Antifa must be investigated for their involvement in recent events, but first we must locate them. Does anyone know their registered office address?

What if the reason the protesters come across as idiots is not because they actually are all idiots, but because of a secret government weapon attacking their brainwaves and making them say and do incredibly dumb things?