Why The Zoo Must Be Shut Down

I have written before about the Auckland Zoo and how it needs to implement urgent reforms. Sadly nothing appears to have been done. I spent this morning there with my family and I must say how appalled I was by what I saw.

It’s clear that years of handouts have made the inhabitants of the place lazy and unmotivated.

Here’s an example of the destructiveness of welfare. Lions, supposedly the kings of the jungle, have become accustomed to having all their needs taken care of. Why should they lift a paw? They have learned that someone else will get them what they want.

The tigers are little better. Magnificent beasts when in their proper environment. But here’s what socialism has done to them.

And I ask you why we should be paying for solo mothers to sit around and breed like this?

Where’s the father?

These mothers sit around all day doing nothing, waiting for someone else to throws them some food. That’s the only time you’ll see them move. What lesson do you think her young ones are learning?

And of course when they grow up, without any discipline, and lacking any comprehension of the standards of behaviour society expects, is it any wonder they fall into depravity?

Let’s not even mention the appalling personal hygiene habits some of them have. Look at this pair. Slow, lazy, smelly, overweight and plodding. Shambling off for another meal at the expense of others.

And when they’ve had their fix, is there any regret or remorse? “No, I’ll just lie down somewhere and sleep it off.”