John’s Diary – 9/2/10

So the teachers want a fight, do they? All because they say National Standards won’t work and will create league tables (so what? why shouldn’t I know how the Warriors are getting on?), and have been shown to be a miserable failure everywhere they’ve been tried. I’ve always said we can’t take too much from someone else’s miserable failure. That’s why I made Mike Moore US ambassador. LOL!

Talking of miserable failures, my predecessor Don has been in the paper bagging my government for lacking political courage. What does he know about courage? I’ll tell you what courage is. Courage is telling Murray we can’t have virgin sacrifices as part of the Rugby World Cup opening ceremonies.

Alan Bollard was on TV on Sunday and said we can’t close the income gap with Australia by 2025. That’s simply not true. For all we know massive bushfires might consume half of Australia and leave its population in poverty. Murray has volunteered to go over to Australia this summer with a box of matches. Actually, come to think of it, he made this offer before we even came up with the “closing the gap” policy.

Spent the weekend in Waitangi, and as usual it was just a big talkfest. But Hone had a go. Why does he keep attacking me? Doesn’t he know I’m nice? Maybe I need to find a job to keep Hone busy. But it will need to involve loads of conflict, otherwise he’ll get bored. Education Minister?

Some of the media have started to write unkind things about me and my government. So it was a relief to see my good friends at the Herald come to the rescue. Put my foot in it last week saying I had better things to talk about than flags, but it turns out I didn’t. LOL! I hope they like my silver fern flag. And everyone likes me, so it’s bound to become our national symbol. Looking forward to some big fat royalty cheques!

Got a big speech today. Got to be seen to be doing something to end our love affair with investment property. Just as well I bought in Hawaii. LOL!