Another Ghost!

If you follow the Stuff website or read Fairfax newspapers you may have concluded that they must have an Unworldly Spectres Department. There has been a series of ghost stories involving strange images caught on film. Everything from a cat to a dead woman gazing over the fence.

Today’s instalment is brought to you by the Southland Times. The ghastly demonic image can be seen here.

The story that goes with the picture indicates the people who took the photo were actually looking for ghosts. And the story indicates beer had been consumed.  Which immediately raises my suspicions.

Of course it could be just the reflection of a cloud. Or maybe someone was actually standing at the window (“someone” being an actual, live person).

It could be Jesus, but if so it’s not how I imagined him to look. No beard. Which probably also rules out Osama bin Laden.

Any ideas?