Next Week On Radio New Zealand National

The Highlights

Monday: On Morning Report, Sean and Geoff get down with the cast of Survivor Christchurch, the fantastic new TV3 reality show. And they ask the star of the show about rumours of the on-screen romance between him and teammate Jennifer. And don’t miss the latest instalment of Ten Worst Dates, bought to you by Nivea skincare.

Tuesday: Jim Mora will be pumping out some heavy beats, popping tabs, and spinning a crate of vinyl to keep you moving through the afternoon. 

Wednesday: Bryan Crump opens up the phone lines. Have something important you want to say? Or just want to ramble aimlessly about the price of milk and young people? Call us!

Thursday: Today is no-repeat Thursday. So sit back and relax while we play all the hits of the 60s, 70s, 80s and more 80s, knowing that while you’ve heard them too many times already, you won’t hear them twice today.

Friday: We’re giving away 100 copies of Lady Gaga’s new album. Call to win when you hear her song.

Saturday: Kim Hill catches us up with all the gossip. Brad and Angelina, Tom and Katie, Kim has all the dirt!

Sunday: Chris Laidlaw makes the draw for our fabulous Hollywood prize package. You could be flying with a friend to see the world premier of the film, The Secret Sausage, based on the latest Dan Brown book.