Douglas: Deregulate Sterilisation Sector Now

ACT MP Sir Roger Douglas has expressed support for David Garrett’s plan for bad parents to undergo voluntary sterilisation.

“At first I thought ‘hello, David’s been into the turps again,’” said Douglas. “But then I went away and had a think about it. David’s plan needs some work, but it could just be what the sterilisation sector needs.

“Incentivising people is what ACT is all about. But we are also about freedom of choice. I like the idea of putting $5,000 back into the hands of ordinary hardworking Kiwi child-abuser battlers. But we need to give those molesting monsters real choice about what to do with that cash.”

Douglas said it was important for the state not to interfere with consumer choice.

“Let the patient choose the sterilisation provider. Give these hardworking deviants the right to decide for themselves who is going to have their nuts off. We’ll give them the $5,000 and they can then use that money to find the most appropriate service provider.

“Some people will choose the premium surgical service, while others will be content to keep the cash and just use a couple of bricks or a pair of scissors. I also expect we’ll see a range of providers competing against each other for work. You will see a number of full medical facilities springing up, together with the back-of-the-van operations involving straps, a knife and a bottle of brandy.

“Consumers benefit when there is competition in the market. And it is high time the sterilisation market was deregulated.”

Douglas said he did not know whether his other colleagues supported the plan. But he believed that the plan was consistent with ACT’s core principles.

“We have no business telling hardworking child-abusing parents what’s right for them and their families. This is an area the state should not get involved in. It is a matter of personal choice.”