Video of SST Editor Shows Up After Fake Attacks

A videotape of Sunday Star Times Editor Mitchell Murphy has surfaced, only hours after police revealed that the newspaper’s reporters sneaked fake explosives into Super 14 games.

Footage of Murphy appeared on the internet shortly after the incidents were made public. While intelligence agencies have not yet verified that the grainy footage is indeed that of Murphy , experts believe there is little doubt the person on the tape is the editor of the SST.

Murphy has been in hiding for some time, and is believed to be the mastermind behind a series of attacks on basic standards of journalistic integrity. Authorities believe Murphy may be hiding out in the Mt Eden region, seeking refuge with supporters in the more mountainous areas of the suburb.

The tape shows Murphy and his henchmen studying a wallchart containing newspaper circulation figures. There is no sound on the tape, but Murphy appears to be praying.

Authorities believe that the fake-explosives plot could have ended in disaster. They have pointed to the recent efforts by the Herald on Sunday to create news by sending reporters to the homes of a troubled young offender. It is believed that the Sunday Star Times may have been planning an attack of hysteria and finger-pointing to match that of its rival newspaper.

“We are living is dangerous times,” said one expert on media wars. “There is a power struggle going on for control of the Sunday paper market, and unfortunately the public are the ones who end up suffering.”