Labour Politician Caught Being Gay

The Labour MP at the centre of controversy today said he had no regrets about his behaviour and would do it again.

Charles Chauvel was reportedly about his business recently when an incident of his being gay allegedly occurred.

The alleged incident was reported on a right wing blogsite. Comments on that site claimed Chauvel had been gay.

Witnesses have confirmed the blogger’s story. One person, who would not give his name, because he doesn’t actually exist, said “He has been totally gay.”

But Chauvel said he has no regrets. “It’s not an offence to be gay, you know.”

However, political commentators believe Chauvel’s actions, in being gay, could count against him.

Prominent internet commentator Deirdre Ferrera said the Labour MP’s arrogance would not go unnoticed in his electorate.

“People are sick to death of this sense of entitlement some politicians carry with them. What gives these people the right to be gay? I’ve nothing against gayness itself, but we don’t elect our politicians to be gay. The arrogance of the man is breathtaking.”

Chauvel would not respond to questions today from media about whether he would give up being gay.