Q&A On Those Foreign Devils

Where I answer all your questions about foreign investment into New Zealand

Question: Should we be concerned about the plans by Hong Kong company Natural Dairy to buy up New Zealand dairy farms?

Imperator Fish. Yes!

Q: But if we want Fonterra to be able to buy up Chinese dairy farms, don’t we need to permit the Chinese to buy ours?

IF: That’s a different issue. Stop asking awkward questions. This is my blog, and I don’t like your tone. Don’t make me ban you.

Q: Isn’t foreign capital just what this country needs to grow its infrastructure and create jobs?

IF: What? You want us to be ruled by a foreign capital? You’re one of Them, aren’t you? Ready to do the bidding of your puppetmasters in Beijing. I knew it!

Q: But they’re only buying a tiny percentage of our industry. What’s the big deal?

IF: It may be a tiny percentage to them, but it means everything to us. If these foreign devils took over the entire country it would only be a tiny percentage of their total land mass. Don’t talk to me about tiny percentages.

Q: Aren’t you just being racist?

IF: Not at all. I hate everyone. Haven’t you been reading my blog?