Right Thinking – No Compensation For Bain

Guest columnist and hard-hitting conservative, Dr. Frank Shizenhausen, gives his verdict on the justice system.

And so it begins. Not content with sucking up millions of our dollars, they return yet again to the well.

I’m talking of course about David Bain’s legal team and his disgusting compensation bid.

We all know Bain’s guilty. Ask any policeman what he thinks and he’ll tell you Bain’s the one who got away. Not since Arthur Thomas and David Dougherty eluded justice through various technicalities (for example, by presenting incontrovertible evidence that they could not have committed the offences they were convicted of) has the judicial system witnessed such a monstrous wrong.

It’s no surprise then that Bain’s campaign for a retrial became a cause celebre for many on the Left. That’s because the loony Left think it’s their duty to heap scorn on the brave hardworking men and women who make up the police force. The not guilty verdict was a direct attack on the integrity of our thin blue line, and the methods the police use to convict monsters like Bain. The release of Bain was a victory for the socialists and the liberals, and gave them further confidence to attack with impunity the very foundations of our society – decency, respect for authority and self-discipline.

So the Bain not-guilty verdict was a disaster for the entire nation and for our children.

But even if Bain hadn’t committed the heinous crimes we all know he’s responsible for, that cannot excuse his milking the taxpayer for so many years. It cost the taxpayer hundreds of thousands to imprison him for 13 years. But if Bain was not guilty he shouldn’t have been in jail. So why has Bain not been billed for this unnecessary expense?

You see, Bain wants it both ways. He either deserved to go to prison, or he didn’t. If he didn’t we just ended up spending a huge amount of money for no reason. On one man. Who wants more money! Why doesn’t he pay us?

And then there’s the legal aid system – yes, that convenient cash cow despicable defence lawyers so love to milk. The sooner that fund is abolished the better. If crims and crooks had to fend for themselves in the courts they would soon learn crime doesn’t pay.

I’m fed up. And I’m feeling light-headed. I forgot my medication again. Now where did they leave it?  Damn nurses here must be socialists.