I So Totally Forgot

Sometimes when you’re a prominent politician your memory can play tricks on you.

It’s like that time when I accused my opponent of dipping into ratepayer funds to pay for posh lunches, only to suddenly remember I’d been reimbursed for a few fancy feeds myself.

I’d so completely forgotten about any of that.

Or like that time when I talked about the vision I had for leading a world class city that we could be proud of. It must have slipped my mind that I and my Cit-Rats mates were largely responsible for the blight of ugly apartments that has ruined Auckland’s CBD for at least a generation.

And when I spoke about the vibrant inclusive society that I wanted Auckland to be, I completely forgot about all of my past homophobic utterances.

When I talked about my experience and skill as a manager of public money, I so totally forgot about my involvement as a director of Huljich Wealth Management, a discredited Kiwisaver provider.

And that I’d sold half of the Council’s shares in Auckland International Airport, when holding them would have been the smarter option.

Thank God other people have as short a memory as me. Otherwise I wouldn’t still be in this race.