The Government has reacted strongly to Pete Bethune’s claim that New Zealand is Japan’s “fat little lap dog”.

The anti-whaling protester has accused Foreign Minister Murray McCully of siding with Japan right from the day Bethune’s vessel the Ady Gil was sunk by a Japanese whaler.

But Mr McCully this afternoon told reporters “Grr! Yap yap!” before attempting to hump the leg of a journalist.

The Prime Minister’s office has also reacted swiftly to the claim. Mr Key was in Asia being told what a good little doggy he is and being scratched behind the ear, but a spokesperson said the Prime Minister was not interested in dignifying Bethune’s allegations with a response, especially when there was a such a big yummy bone waiting to be chewed.

Japanese officials have refused to be interviewed on the matter until after Little Muzza has been walked, fed and put to bed.