Ten Questions About Chris Carter

  1. How soon before Carter starts likening himself to Jesus? “Christ” Carter?
  2. Carter said yesterday that Labour can win in 2011 if Winston gets back in. But Winston needs an electorate seat. Was Carter simply making room?
  3. Remember how a couple of days ago National was on the ropes for its flipflops and policy incoherence? No, me neither.
  4. Did Carter tell Helen what he was planning?
  5. Where will Carter’s next holiday be? I hear Coventry’s nice this time of year.
  6. Are we being tough on Carter because he’s gay, or is it because he’s disloyal and treacherous?
  7. Is Carter right to think no party will have him? Clowns are always welcome at kids’ parties.
  8. An inflated ego and sense of entitlement. Supercity mayoral candidate?
  9. Who are the people Carter takes advice from, and does he realise the voices in his head aren’t actual people?
  10. With Carter soon to disappear from political life, is it time to think about selling those Air New Zealand shares?