We Just Need To Show Up To Win

Tonight’s big rugby game will be a test for the boys in black, but they have been in sizzling form and will destroy Australia tonight.

The clinical destruction of South Africa by the All Blacks is a clear sign of what to expect this evening. And, my word, the boys are confident. They have been saying all week how well their combinations have come together, and how good the feeling within the team is.

Remember all those other big games (like, say World Cup knock-out games) when all we needed to do to win was show up? This will be one of those games.

And that’s why our boys should ease up, rest on their laurels, and start looking ahead to next week’s game. Because this one’s in the bag.

It’s pleasing to know that at the end of 80 minutes tonight the chickens will still be roosting away from home. We have the wood on Australia, and there’s really nothing that can go wrong tonight. Not even God can change the inevitability of tonight’s result. But then God wouldn’t. He recognises champions when he sees them.

Victory is a given, so if there was ever a time for complacency, maybe this is it. That’s why tonight the All Blacks can afford to put the foot on the brake pedal. It won’t mater if they leave any number of stones unturned in their quest for victory, because the result is ordained. We can be sure that our boys are not chokers, and that the pressure will not get to them.

Are we tempting fate with this level of confidence? Are we guilty of hubris? Sure. But God is on our side, so it doesn’t matter.

People, I urge you to put your life savings* on an easy victory by New Zealand tonight.

Update: See? I told you. We are invincible.

* I realise those of you who followed my advice to put everything into first ranking secured debentures offered by various finance companies are probably wondering whether my investment advice is still good. It is! That Bridgecorp investment will come good eventually, believe me. You have to to be prepared to stay the course.