Do Me A Favour


I know I haven’t been posting much. But there’s a good reason.

My colleagues often wonder how I can manage to hold down a demanding fulltime job, have young children and still regularly blog.

Well let me tell you how I do it. The secret is to write the first piece of crap that comes into your head, and to do it fast. Editing is optional. I can bash out a blog post in five minutes flat if everything is just right.

I normally try to knock out a post before I start work. I will even sometimes publish something while eating my lunch. But my most productive time is in the evening.

However, I’ve got a side project going at the moment, and it’s been eating up most of my spare time (I actually have very little of it). I hope to reveal that this evening, when I’m back in front of my home PC.

In the meantime, would you mind at all nominating me for New Zealander of the Year? What have I done to deserve it, you ask? Just make something up. It doesn’t matter. But I MUST WIN!