Three Monday Morning Questions

Is Paul Holmes lining himself up to take the plum Thursday columnist slot currently occupied by the elderly Garth George?

Or is piemania a natural progression for right-wing columnists who scribble for the Herald?


Christine Rankin has told the Herald she won’t run for Supercity mayor because:

“The media harass me. They pursue me and they look to destroy any good stuff that surrounds me. They don’t actually succeed, I have quite a large following, but it’s harrowing.”

Should Christine Rankin and Chris Carter get together and start their own political party?*


Garth McVicar was on Radio NZ this morning blasting the corrections system, and blaming political correctness for the fact that Graeme Burton could not be punished for having a knife in his cell. Burton is already segregated, spending 23 hours a day in a cell and receiving only minimum privileges.

Would Mr McVicar please stop talking in code and just tell the people of New Zealand what we should do with Burton for breaking prison rules? Flog him? Attack him with clubs? Kill him?

* Okay, so her attitude towards gay people might make this a challenging proposition