Right Thinking – Time To Spice It Up

Another post by guest columnist and hard-hitting conservative Dr. Frank Shizenhausen. This time he eviscerates our obsession with pandering to criminals

It infuriates me when I read another story about the police watchdog criticising the efforts of our brave boys in blue.

The Independent Police Conduct Authority has decided in its infinite wisdom that criminals and scumbags are entitled not to be dusted up while in police custody.

The IPCA (which, despite what you might think, does not stand for “Insufferable Politically Correct Adversaries”) has said that the beating of Rawiri Falwasser by four officers was “unnecessary, unreasonable, and unjustified”. This scallywag had been arrested on suspicion of stealing a car, and he claims he was beaten with batons and pepper-sprayed 65 times.

Oh please. Someone had better pepper-spray me, if they expect me to shed a single tear.

Never mind the fact that the cops don’t arrest someone unless they have a good reason. They probably realised this dirtbag was going to get a slap on the wrist by another PC judge. So they dished out justice.

I don’t see what the big deal is about a few taps with a baton. I have experienced much stronger punishment in my time, and I didn’t complain. In fact, I was grateful and happy to compensate my assailant for the time she took out of her busy schedule.

And what’s so bad about a bit of pepper anyway? A sprinkle of the spice in the right dish can transform a meal. This young lad doesn’t realise how lucky he is to even have his face covered in pepper. A few hundred years ago it was such a precious commodity that nations would go to war over the stuff.

Falwasser told the IPCA he suffered blurred vision and felt as if his face was burning, and that he suffered from headaches and dizziness afterwards. Well, excuse me if I take a great big grain of salt with that to go with my pepper, because from most of those symptoms I would call that a hangover.

It gets worse. The good, decent cops who tapped him about were hauled through the courts, and Falwasser eventually got $30,000 from the taxpayer. That’s you and me.

In my radio show I talk regularly to ordinary hardworking people, and they tell me they’ve had a gutsful of this sort of thing: this constant pandering to ratbags and criminals, whose rights trump those of victims and taxpayers each and every time. People are living in fear, and our politicians and bureaucrats are out of touch.

Isn’t it time we sent a message to those Wellington folk? It‘s time to act. If they won’t listen to the voices of the people, then we’d better start listening to the voices in our heads. They’ve never been as loud as they are now. Thank God I stopped my medication.