Right Thinking: Time To Teach The Scienticians A Lesson

Renowned columnist Dr. Frank Shizenhausen’s latest blistering attack on political correctness.

I am delighted that the Climate Science Coalition are taking NIWA to court. I’ve never for a moment believed any of the claims made by climate science quacks that the Earth is warming, and that we humans are responsible.

Here’s a news flash for all those science people. Of course the Earth gets warmer. It happens every summer, stupid.

The arguments wheeled out by scientists are so full of holes they can’t be taken seriously. They say there’s no question that the Earth is warming, but they can’t even agree by how much, and there’s little else they can settle on. Scaremongering seems to be the only thing they can do in unison.

Well call me a cynic, because I’ve heard bogus claims like this global warming tripe before, and always from the scientists or so-called experts. Like the absurd claim that giant reptiles roamed the Earth millions of years ago, despite there being irrefutable documentary evidence (i.e. the Book of Genesis) proving them wrong.

The global warming hoax is yet more evidence that mischievous scientists are at work. They are never happier than when spreading panic. It seems that nowadays just about everything will kill you or give you cancer. Yet when I was growing up in a small town we didn’t worry about what we were eating, or smoking, or pumping into the atmosphere.

But these days we’re overwhelmed by information, which means that scientists have so many more ways to spread fear. The information age and book-learning have a lot to answer for.

If you can manage to pin a scientist down on any issue, the answer they’ll give you will be so shifty and qualified that you may as well not have asked. “The data tells us this,” they’ll say, “but on the other hand this other data says the opposite. We hypothesise that A is happening, but we need to undertake more studies to determine whether in fact A is B. Give us more money.”

Can anyone else see the gaping hole in their reasoning about climate change? They can hardly agree on a single damned thing, and yet mysteriously they all agree that climate change is occurring and that we’re all going to hell in a handcart. Well, isn’t that convenient?

These professional deceivers can’t have it both ways. They claim the scientific knowledge is cumulative, and that new learning will sometimes disprove old theories. But if that is true, how can they claim their data is accurate and must not be questioned? Either universal truths exist, in which case all of this goddamned sciencing is a waste of time anyway, or else anything goes, in which case everything is up for questioning – including the official climate change data.

I also think there is something profoundly disturbing about our trying to unravel the mysteries of life, which is another reason why I can’t abide scientists. The idea that nothing is certain, and that knowledge is ever changing, is one of the reasons why children do poorly in schools today. They don’t know who or what to believe any more. It’s no wonder that the majority of them turn to rap music and P.

This “anything goes” attitude within the scientific community also explains why so many of them are scruffy. They have eschewed all community standards, so why bother to wash or wear clothes that fit properly? It’s not a lack of money that keeps them looking so disgraceful and down at heel. The science community is awash with grant money. Ah, but the scientist is a cunning beast, and hides his wealth by driving a run-down car, by living in squalid rented accommodation, and by constantly complaining about how lousy their pay is. Only when they are together in their secret gatherings (innocently entitled “conferences” to fool us non-scientists) do they let their guards down.

Well, scientists, I’ve some bad news for you. The brave folk of the Climate Science Coalition are on to your little lark, and the public teat is about to run dry.

Their legal challenge will strike a powerful blow against the morally corrupt “anything goes” values scientists seek to instill in our young children. It’s time we reminded scientists that some truths are universal and absolute.


The plan to build an enormous mosque in New York next to the site of the World Trade Centre is a deliberate provocation and outrage.

The Islamists adhere to a faith that is absolutist and cruel, and anyone who questions their belief must pay the price. Any faith that can contemplate stoning someone to death is a barbaric one.*

Our modern society has no place for such religious dogma. Western society is enlightened and open, and our values are founded on reason, tolerance and respect for others.

Some people say opposition to the mosque is founded on racism. That’s both offensive and laughable. Just because I hate all Arabs, that doesn’t make me a racist.

I remain hopeful that the people of New York will rise up and refudiate this monstrosity. Their combined voices will strike a powerful blow for reason, tolerance and science against the terrifying morally absolutist world the Islamists live in.

* I except, of course, the stoning offences prescribed in the Old Testament. I have always argued that our society would be a richer and better one if we resumed the stoning of blasphemers, fortune-tellers, and those who work on the Sabbath.