Herman Pond Apologises

TV host Herman Pond has this morning apologised for comparing Jews to animals and for praising Adolf Hitler.

Pond found himself mired in controversy after making his comments on air during an interview with the Prime Minister yesterday.

Pond apologised yesterday for causing offence to “the race that killed Christ”. And this morning he began the Rise and Shine show by saying “I have something to tell you.

“Yesterday, a lot of people got upset about a few things I said about Jews when I was talking with the Prime Minister. You may have seen it, because everybody loves to follow the Popular Choice winner.”

Mr Pond then went on to praise the achievements of Jewish people.

“But let me assure you that I have always had the greatest respect for the Jews. They have some of the best comedians, and I think Israel is just great, really great. They may control Hollywood, but some of the stuff they produce is magical. Hudson Hawk, Gigli, Waterworld, and the entire Police Academy series were just fabulous works,” said Mr Pond.

The presenter said he had not intended to sound anti-Semitic.

“Let’s give the Jews a break. They’ve paid throughout history for their monstrous crimes, so I won’t say anything more about them. And anyway, they’re nowhere near as bad as the Muslims.”