Sensible Cancer Trust Calls On GP To Resign

A support group for victims of cancer has slammed a prominent Howick doctor and called on him to resign his position.

Dr Nigel Coucy has been telling patients that they should cut out smoking, eat healthily and exercise, in order to reduce the risk of cancer.

Sensible Cancer Trust spokesman Malcolm Ignant said that Dr Coucy had failed victims of cancer, and that his behaviour was a disgrace to the profession.

“For someone who calls himself a professional to make such comments is outrageous. This is a dark day for all New Zealanders.

“We expect our doctors to cure us when we are ill. So they should just get on and do their job, not worry about cancer prevention.”

Mr Ignant said the doctor has been telling a number of patients that the best way to stay healthy is to make lifestyle choices that prevent illnesses such as cancer from occurring.

“Dr Coucy’s comments are an insult to victims of cancer. He should be struck off for his offensive attitude towards sufferers of the terrible affliction.

“Unfortunately the liberal medical profession continues to fiddle while Rome burns, and refuses to take disciplinary action against the doctor. From their cowardly inaction I can only assume that they are completely behind this man and his outrageous views.

“I talk to many oncologists, and they see daily the terrible effects of cancer. Try telling them that prevention is better than cure.

“Try telling someone who has lived through the trauma of seeing their loved ones taken away by some brutal and callous cancer that they should stop smoking three packets a day.”

Mr Ignant said it was unacceptable for society to continue to tolerate the behaviour of certain people in the health industry.

“My comments will no doubt offend some do-gooders and liberals, whose sole aim in life appears to be making money out of helping people to stay healthy. People like nutritionists and fitness consultants need to understand that we won’t tolerate their disgusting behaviour any more.

“It’s time for good, decent New Zealanders to stand up and say ‘we’ve had enough!’”