Always Shoot First

Police Association President Greg O’Connor has said that the Government’s decision to decline the Chinese bid to buy the Crafar Farms is further evidence that the police should be armed.

The Overseas Investment Office recommended that the application by Natural Dairy be declined. The Office cited concerns about the character of May Wang, the front person for the bid by Natural Dairy for the Crafar farms.

But the outcome of the OIO application has left the Police Association calling for police to be armed.

The Association’s President, Greg O’Connor, said that the decision showed why it was so important for police to have access to firearms.

“If frontline police were armed then they would feel safer,” said Mr O’Connor. “That fact virtually screams out if you read the OIO’s findings.”

Mr O’Connor also said that the spate of Christmas shopping was further proof that it was time to re-look at the issue of giving weapons to police.

“Why does every kid want a Nerf gun this Christmas? Because they don’t feel safe and want to protect their family from the scumbags who roam our streets. If police were armed those streets would be safer, and our children could get back to doing the things they really love, like playing dress-ups, squashing ants and eating their own poo.”

The Police Association has also produced evidence from Australia and England in favour of giving weapons to police.  

“The sudden change in the fortunes of the English cricket team shows why it is so important that police have access to firearms,” said Mr O’Connor.

“You have to be armed and ready to cope with the unexpected, otherwise you’ll be taken down.

“If police were armed they would be able to do their job with more confidence.

“The release of the Defence Force’s UFO files should also be forcing politicians to think again. What are these unidentified lights in the sky? Can we really expect our police to feel safe and secure in their job when they don’t even know what’s overhead?

“If police were armed they could shoot any unidentified object that came towards them.”