In Which Police Shed A Tear For Tony Veitch

The Independent Police Conduct Authority has recommended Police to apologise to Tony Veitch. They say Mr Veitch should have input into the wording of the apology.

Someone has now leaked me a draft of the apology. It is reproduced below.

The New Zealand Police would like to apologise unreservedly to Mr Tony Veitch for releasing to the news media certain information.

This information comprised fact summaries of the six counts of male assaults female that Mr Veitch was charged with. This information was provided after police had decided not to lay charges on any of those six counts.

The police now accept that this was totally inappropriate.

The police accept that if they decide not to pursue a particular charge then details of the police file relating to that charge ought to be kept secret. To do otherwise would be to invite trial by media.

It is clear that the actions by police have caused great harm and distress to Mr Veitch. Just because Mr Veitch pleaded guilty to injuring his former partner Kristin Dunne-Powell with reckless disregard for her safety, that does not make Mr Veitch a monster, or even necessarily a bad man. He deserves everyone’s sympathy for the harm caused to him.

The media may have reported that Mr Veitch pushed Ms Dunne-Powell down a flight of stairs, kicked her in the back and broken two of her vertebrae, but those were just actions in the heat of the moment, and Mr Veitch has paid a price. Who hasn’t done something similar, or at least wanted to every time a stroppy woman won’t do what she’s told?

The release of this information has harmed a good man, a man who made one little mistake and has now paid the ultimate price by having his career temporarily put on hold, before being resumed a few months later.

What are a couple of broken bones in comparison? Broken bones usually heal. Mr Veitch’s heart never will.