Right Thinking: Just Say No To Your GP

Conservative columnist Dr Frank Shizenhausen injects some common sense into the immunisation debate.

Sir Peter Gluckman, the government’s Chief Science Adviser, has bemoaned the low rates of vaccination in this country.

Well he would, wouldn’t he? But I’ve always objected strongly to immunisation for the simple reason that I don’t trust doctors.

I’ll tell you why. Whenever you go to see your GP your visit’s being subsidised by the government. That means you’re effectively perpetuating big government each and every time you have a consultation over your hernia, your rasping cough, or your tendency to want to stab anyone who comes to your door.

And these doctors have got it so sweet that the more illness there is the more money they make.

I’m the last person to begrudge doctors the opportunity to make a living, but it’s pretty obvious to anyone who cares to look at the evidence that doctors are the cause of most diseases. It can’t be coincidental that wherever there is a breakout of some illness or malady, you’ll find doctors. I’m sure if the self-serving medical profession would do a study on this topic, rather than wasting time making martyrs of people like the heroic Andrew Wakefield, we would find there is a correlation between the presence of physicians and the incidence of disease. Cause and effect.

So when doctors offer to stab our children in the arm with a needle, it’s obvious to me that what they’re really doing is planting little time-bombs in our kids. Bombs that will go off at a time of the doctors’ choosing, leaving the entire populace at their mercy. I’m sure we’ll later learn as our children flounder on their sick beds that only the doctors have the antidote, and that it is prohibitively expensive.

But the ultimate price for this immunisation drive may well be a surrender of our freedoms and liberties to a world government run by doctors, social workers and lesbians. Is that what we want for future generations?

That’s why I’m saying no to immunisation. You should too.