Another Labour Casualty

There were renewed calls today for Labour Party leader Phil Goff to step down, after another disastrous day for the party.

The party were holding their annual Waitakere Cake Fair this morning when a series of unfortunate events left attendees questioning the Labour leader’s competence.

The event is held each year to raise funds for the party, and this year’s event drew record numbers, as almost twenty cakes were put on sale.

But tragedy struck early in the event.

One of the cake sellers, Sonia Droon, described what happened.

“It was all a blur really,” said Ms Droon. “All I remember was this enormous commotion, and then howls of dismay. I rushed over to see what had happened and I couldn’t believe what I saw spread all over the ground. I was almost sick with horror.

“I will never vote for Labour again.”

Pictures of the aftermath have been shown on TV3. They show the remains of a chocolate cake spread on the floor of the church hall where the event was being held.

How the cake got to be on the floor remains unclear. But some witnesses have reported seeing an elderly woman carrying the cake towards a table and dropping it on the ground, after tripping on a chair leg.

Prominent right wing blogger Campbell Slug, who runs the site FishMeat, claims he has spoken to people who were at the event, and that there are more revelations to come.

“This cake incident is just the tip of the iceberg,” said Mr Slug. “I’ve been told that one woman used mock cream on her sponge cake, instead of real cream.

“Is there no end to Labour’s duplicity?”

If any of these allegations can be verified it will be a bitter blow to the leadership of Phil Goff. Goff was elected as leader of Labour in 2008 because he was regarded as a safe pair of hands.

But a series of disasters have dogged Labour in recent weeks.

Last month critics savaged the Labour Party after an electorate official was given a parking ticket in Takapuna. The ticket clearly showed she parked for 72 minutes in a 60 minute parking zone.

And on Thursday a registered Labour Party member in Matamata returned the DVD new release Eat, Pray, Love to his video shop a day late.

Newspaper columnists and bloggers have claimed this string of incidents proves Mr Goff has contempt for the law and is unfit to lead a political party.

They say that a man who cannot even control every single thing his party members do, think, eat, breathe, defecate, imbibe, see, hear, taste, say or write, should never become Prime Minister.

Mr Goff has now commented on the incident, but nobody remembers what he said.