To The Barricades!

Uncompromising left-wing columnist and Chairman of the Workers Solidarity Party of Aotearoa, Bob Mittsky, returns with a new column.


I sensed yesterday that something was up, but it’s even worse that I feared.

The military apparatus of our fascist state have been in full mobilisation this morning. By dawn forward elements had seized the main squares of most of our town centres.

They even mobilised their reserve militias to provide support. Many in the militias may appear old and feeble, but it would be a mistake to underestimate our enemy.

I don’t know why they have chosen this day, Easter Monday, to take control of so many strategic points, or what exactly they have planned. Is this the full takeover I have so often talked and written about? Are we about to see a clampdown against the workers by a militarised capitalist elite?

Actually, the timing makes sense. It’s a public holiday, and many of the workers will be enjoying what little leisure their ruthless capitalist overlords still allow them. Many of the proletariat will be away, unable to easily organise massed counterattacks against the ranks of the military and the elderly militia fighters supporting them.

One thing surprises me about this uprising, though. I was convinced the reactionary counter-revolution, when it finally came, would be led by the Prime Minister. But it’s clear he has been duped too. He’s out of the country, unable to have any part in this coup or to control events. That can only mean one thing:  this is Sir Peter Jackson’s doing. He’s behind the whole thing. Who else in this country would harbour such a hatred towards democracy?

This is a defining moment in our struggle against authoritarianism. To the barricades, brothers! To the barricades! I will join you there shortlyjust as soon as my turn in this timeshare apartment in Wanaka runs out, and just as soon as my private jet can get me back up to Auckland.

My advice to you all in the meantime is to seize the means of communication and broadcast your message of worker solidarity to our fellow comrades across the nation. Let them know that you are ready to raise the flag of defiance! But don’t touch Telecom, because I’ve a lot of money invested in that company, and it would be bad for the Party if the share price dipped.