The Head’s Gone But The Fight Continues

The head has been cut off one of the most insidious organisations in existence. The operation was surgical, precise and brutal, and it took almost everyone by surprise.

But what does it mean in practical terms? While admired in some sections of society, the group’s leader had become something of an irrelevancy and a bogeyman, a figure to frighten children with. Now he is gone, what will his successors do?

Will he take the group down an even more radical and dangerous path? Could the removal of their leader, as ineffectual and ossified as he had become, in fact signal a revitalisation of sorts?

One things is clear: we should not underestimate their capacity to do further harm. The survivors remain ruthless and determined, driven by a purist religious zeal to destroy everything that the rest of us hold dear. Let us never forget how their evil acts almost brought a magnificent city to its knees.

So the battle is not yet won, and that is why we must continue the fight against the ACT Party.