Prominent Blogger Husband Has Wife

A blogger whose site is highly placed in political blog rankings has told the Herald on Sunday that he predicts he will begin to use their newspaper as lining for his pet’s litter tray, as soon as his gets around to getting a cat.

Blogger Scott, whose site Imperator Fish is placed within the top 100 of most New Zealand political blog rankings, made the prediction online on Sunday night, after reading a story by the HOS about the wife of a Labour Party candidate daring to express independent thought.

The news has shocked some, with two young children asking their father if this means they will finally get the cutesy wutesy kitty cat they so desperately want.

But sources close to the blogger have assured the children that no matter how wretched the Herald on Sunday becomes, the cat will not be moving in any time soon.

It is understood that a compromise solution was reached shortly after dinnertime, when the family discovered they had run out of toiletpaper.

Phil Goff was unavailable for comment.