SFO Investigated After Allegations Of Better Work Stories

Serious Fraud Office boss Adam Feeley was in deep trouble last night, after news emerged that he had consumed a glass of champagne.

The story broke when the New Zealand Herald on Saturday reported that Mr Feeley had enjoyed a glass of bubbles.

Witnesses allege that Mr Feeley exhorted staff to join him for a glass after they had worked hard on a difficult case.

Prominent lawyers were quick to denounce Mr Feeley.

Roger Brokeminster, QC, said the practice of public servants enjoying a glass of wine was a threat to the rule of law.

“State servants should never enjoy a drink, ever. Ever ever ever ever.

“Ever,” said Mr Brokeminster.

The State Services Commission is now looking to investigate the matter, after a number of complaints about the internal culture at the Serious Fraud Office.

On Tuesday the New Zealand Herald reported that the receptionist at the SFO was seen smiling. And yesterday the Herald on Snday revealed that one of Mr Feeley’s colleagues had attempted a joke.

It is understood that the alleged jokester has now been spoken to by police, and that charges may be laid under the Terrorism Suppression Act against the man.

Mr Feeley would not tell reporters whether or not he had laughed at the joke.

“Ever ever,” said Mr Brokeminster.