An Apology

Now updated with even more apologising!

It’s time for me to grovel and beg forgiveness.

Occasionally I get it wrong. I’ve done it before. In an effort to be witty or clever I end up making an arse of myself and then have to fix what I’ve done.

I’ve always considered it important to own my mistakes. I see a whole lot of bloggers out there who will never admit their errors, and who will never say sorry even though it’s obvious to everyone that they’re in the wrong.

I don’t ever want to be one of those people, so when I get it wrong I like to think that I will own up and deal with the consequences.

So I screwed up again. A few weeks ago I made some inappropriate remarks about the English rugby team. Remarks that were hurtful and totally uncalled for. What makes it worse is that I repeated some of them on Jim Mora’s show on Radio NZ a couple of days later.

I’m so sorry.

If my remarks in any way implied that the English rugby team were not to a man worthy of our contempt, then I am truly sorry.

If what I wrote led anyone to think that the unprofessional and juvenile way in which these supposedly professional sportsmen carried on was okay, then I apologise. It’s not okay.

England were a rubbish team, a leaderless rabble, and were one of the most disappointing teams at the Rugby World Cup.

So if I have in any way led people to believe that England were worthy of our respect, I apologise.

And to all those hard-working players, coaches and managers from other teams who may have been offended by any suggestion that the English team were really no worse than anyone else, a huge apology.

Update: I have just dug an even bigger hole for myself. I now owe an apology to Dr Don Brash and the ACT Party.

Dr Brash, when I called the English team a leaderless rabble, I realise that most people will have have immediately drawn a comparison to your party.

I’m sorry if I have offended anyone in ACT.