ACT Gets The Green Light

Although the ACT Party is floundering in the polls, the party today launched a bold new transport policy.

ACT Leader Dr Don Brash said he was confident that the public of New Zealand would embrace the policy once they understood its detail.

“We look forward to working with a National-led government to introduce this initiative,” said Dr Brash.

Entitled “Transport Choice”, the policy is aimed at reducing inefficiencies and delays in the road transport system.

Under the policy all red or orange traffic lights will be turned to green.

Dr Brash said that the change would reduce confusion and provide regulatory certainty for drivers approaching intersections.

“It is of paramount importance that the government doesn’t stand in the way of progress and just lets people get on with their lives,” aid Dr Brash.

“ACT will push for the abolition of stop signs, give-way signs and other traffic signals designed to impede or slow vehicular progress.

“We want New Zealand to have a world-class transport system where people can get where they need to go without interruption from agents of the state.

“By removing blockages in the free movement of vehicles, we will see more and more people take to the roads.”

Transport experts have been quick to rubbish the policy, claiming it would lead to chaos and carnage on the roads.

But Dr Brash defended the policy, and said that the current system was responsible for gridlock.

“Traffic regularly crawls to a halt on motorways or main roads because of the red tape and regulation drivers are subjected to.

“Very often drivers are forced to stop at lights, when if the lights were green they could continue on their journey.

“The state simply has no business telling you or me how we should go about our daily lives.

Dr Brash said that ACT would take away all road rules and make it a level playing field for all drivers. He claimed that these measures would get the economy moving again.

“ACT believes in freedom and choice. Under ACT’s transport policies rational self-interested actors will make the best decisions for themselves and their families.

“By turning all the lights green we will foster competition and choice, with cars competing against each other to make any sort of progress on the roads.

“Under the new policy, when all the lights are green drivers will be able to chose whether to enter an intersection at speed and risk almost certain annihilation or injury, or hold back and wait for others to go.

“In busy traffic this will mean the more timid drivers will simply go nowhere. But if we are to be a world-class economy we must rewards innovators and risk-takers.

“Some of these risk-takers will crash and burn, but some will make it through. Their example will be an inspiration for others.

“If we want to maintain a prosperous society we cannot continue to reward those drivers who sit back and wait for the lights to change, while holding back those drivers who have the energy and motivation to risk their families and themselves for a better future.”