An Entertainment News Toolkit for Journos

I know that during this holiday period the last thing journos want to be thinking about is serious work.

That’s why during quiet news cycles such as the one we are in, the news is filled with stories of accidents and celebrities. The perfect summer news story combines both accidents and celebrities.

To help out our worthy news scribes I have prepared below a template for use by journos when reporting on entertainment accidents. It can be used in just about every situation. Just fill in the gaps!

[rapper/hip hop star/actor/rugby star/pop diva/other] [insert name] is [describe nature of the person’s embarrasment, e.g. is facing a lengthy ban from the national water polo team/was kicked out of his family home] after an embarrassing outburst on Twitter.

[name], who is best known for [describe], posted a series of tweets on the social media platform on Friday, including one that described [person/place/thing] as “[insert here gratuitously offensive or just mildly offensive and oafish remark]”.

Another tweet said “[insert further remark]”, which is understood to have been a reference to [insert detail about the said rapper/hip hop star/actor/rugby star/pop diva/other].

The star has been in trouble before over [his/her] use of social media.

Last [week/month/year] [name of rapper/hip hop star/actor/rugby star/pop diva/other] posted on [his/her] [social media site] [insert controversial or idiotic post]”.

[His/Her] post was condemned at the time by [insert group] for being offensive to [insert demographic or minority group], with that group’s spokesperson describing [him/her] as “[insert words of outrage here]”.

Last night the star returned to Twitter to apologise for [his/her] outburst, writing: “[insert apologetic tweet here]”.

It remains unclear whether [name of rapper/hip hop star/actor/rugby star/pop diva/other]’s remarks will do any harm to [his/her] reputation as [describe], or will affect [his/her] [describe, e.g. album sales, selection for the relevant sports team etc].