Judean Sentencing Trust Praises Get-Tough Law And Order Measures

The Judean Sentencing Trust has welcomed the execution of Jesus Christ.

Christ was crucified on Friday at the order of the Roman prefect Pontius Pilate, after being accused of plotting treason against the Roman Empire.

A spokesperson for the Judean Sentencing Trust said the Romans has been right to take stern action against a known troublemaker and corrupter of youth.

“It’s about time a hard line was taken against these people,” said the group’s spokesperson Gaius Vicarius.

“We’re delighted the Roman authorities have finally decided to crack down against law-breakers.

“No doubt some liberal handwringers will be appalled that the Romans finally did something about this troublemaker.

“But all that shows is that those do-gooders who sit in their villas reading Greek philosophy are completely out of touch with the feelings of ordinary decent Judeans,” said Mr Vicarius.

“To those self-important eminences in their marble towers Jesus was just some harmless religious crank who preached forgiveness and love.

“But if such perverse doctrines were allowed into our schools they would lead to a disastrous lowering of community standards, a disregard for authority, and a degradation of common morality. Thank goodness, then, that someone finally took a stand for decency.”

Mr Vicarius acknowledged that pressure exerted by the Judean Sentencing Trust had played a part in the decision to execute Christ.

“We were disappointed when we heard the Roman prefect, Pontius Pilate, wasn’t planning to take action against this corrupter of morals.

“It was only after lobbying by our members that he changed his mind. We are obviously disappointed that it took our intervention before Pilate acted, but we are pleased the right decision was made in the end.”