Some Internet Laws You May Have Missed – Updated

Most people know about about Godwin’s Law. In short (quoting Wikipedia), this adage states: “As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches 1.”

Here are a few other internet forum laws with particular relevance to the New Zealand scene.

Slater’s Law: this is similar to Godwin’s law. but swap out “Hitler” for “Cameron Slater” and “Nazis” for “Whaleoil”. This law can be seen in practice on various left blogs.

Trotter’s Law: Whatever Chris Trotter predicts about the left, the exact opposite will eventuate.

Mclauchlan’s Law: Whatever the Dim Post predicts about the left will almost always eventuate.

The Red Alert Own Goal Law: All the good work put in by hard-working MPs on Labour’s blogsite will be undone in an instant by one person’s intemperate post.

Edwards’ Law: As you get older and have more time to reflect on things you will use your blog to turn on everything and everyone you once loved.

Farrar’s Law: The more time you spend reading the comments the more your health will suffer.

The Law of Common Sense:  As a blog discussion grows longer, the probability that Pete George will turn up approaches 1.

Brown’s Law: Every blog thread will descend into a discussion about coffee.

Edgeler’s Law: Graeme knows more than you do about everything.

I’ll keep adding more as I/you think of them.

Have I missed any?