Christchurch Must Be Full Of Ghosts

From the Press:

The tenants of a Christchurch home where three members of a family died have called in paranormal investigators. 

The family of six moved into the house in January, and say coffee tables have moved, wardrobe doors slam by themselves, the shower turns on and off, they hear footsteps on the stairs, and the children have seen “apparitions”.

Other compelling evidence of paranormal activity includes a rank smell of sulphur, constantly blowing light bulbs, and a disturbed dog.

Despite trying to “keep the children out of it”, [the father] said his five- year-old daughter had been seen talking to herself in the mirror and later came downstairs and said she had been speaking to a “little girl”.

This is terrifying stuff. Imagine living in a house in an active seismic zone and discovering that your furniture experiences some movement, your wiring does weird things, there’s a bad smell coming from somewhere (possibly not unlike the smell of sewage or waste-water from a broken pipe under a house, I would hazard a guess), and doors are slamming on their own.

And then your little girl looks into a mirror and begins talking to a little girl.

It’s just lucky that Christchurch has a team of dedicated paranormal investigators on call and ready to investigate just why a house in an active seismic zone should be behaving so irregularly.

After a “full investigation” in March, principal investigator Anton Heyrick said he found “compelling evidence of paranormal activity”. 

It looks as if that one million dollar reward is about to be claimed at last!

When the family went away for a weekend, the team set up video and sound recorders in every room, and brought in thermal and infra-red cameras and other equipment. “We are 95 per cent sure there is paranormal activity here – that means we can’t explain the things that are happening or what we are hearing.”

Translate: we’re not sure what made those strange sounds, so… GHOSTS!

Now that’s my kind of science.