Some Things Change, Others Don’t


“Don’t be ridiculous. Everyone knows the Earth is flat.”


“How could anyone refuse to accept the existence of God? Human society has always depended upon the worship of deities, and anyone who denies the existence of a being greater than ourselves is a threat to society.”


“Mr Lincoln’s proposal is obscene and goes against the laws of nature. Slavery has been a part of every civilisation since the dawn of time. This has nothing to do with civil liberties. White is white and black is black.”


“Give women the vote? What madness is this? That’s not democratic. What’s next? Give our livestock the franchise? What society has ever given its women a say in the affairs of state?”


“If God had meant us to fly he’d have given us wings. Fact, sir!”


“Nobody has ever climbed that high. It cannot be done. It is foolish to even make the attempt.”


“That’s ridiculous. She’s my wife, and she will do her duty. She gave her consent when she said ‘I do’ at the altar.”


“Decriminalise homosexuality? Forget all those arguments about equality. Homosexuals already have all the rights of straight people, so long as they don’t engage in that disgusting behaviour. Nobody is forcing them to do anything, and they could stop it if they wanted to.”


“It is doubtful there is any society known to history or anthropology where social order has not been based on marriage between a man and a woman.”