Another Day In The Life Of The Sensible Blogger

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10:04 am 

Oh dear! I see that the Prime Minister has gone crazy with an axe and has put thirty people in hospital. I don’t approve of such things, but he is under a lot of pressure. The current political environment is toxic, and the opposition parties have a lot to answer for.

10.12 am

Why is nobody questioning David Shearer’s role in all of this? Surely he has to take some responsibility for the political atmosphere that led to this attack.

11:43 am

I’m still waiting to hear what David Shearer has to say. Could it be because he’s realised he’s as much to blame as John Key?

12.35 pm

Just to be clear, I’m not saying Shearer forced John Key to wield the axe and smite all those people. But nor is he blameless. Surely a person who incites violence is as much to blame as a person who actually commits the act of violence.

1:16 pm

Police say they have charged John Key with assault and that more serious charges may be pending. That’s an interesting development. I don’t approve of violence, but nor have we heard John Key’s story yet. And still no word on whether David Shearer has been arrested yet.

1:56 pm

I’m also growing concerned about the political angles to this story. It’s important that police take proper action, but it needs to be done after careful consideration of all the facts. These things also need to be put into perspective. Other countries experience axe attacks, but look at how well we have come through the last few years of turmoil in comparison to countries like Greece. Is the odd axe attack really such a bad thing?

2:35 pm

The rate of axe attacks in this country is actually very low. This is probably down to the fact that we have a stable and sensible government, and that’s in no small part down to the make-up of our governing coalition.

3:51 pm

So why the rush to charge John Key? We don’t know what he was thinking when he launched his attack. Maybe he had intelligence from the GCSB that the people he maimed were threats to national security.

4:12 pm

Someone has just pointed out that even if the people Key attacked were threats to national security, that wouldn’t give the PM the legal right to attack them with an axe. It’s an interesting point of view, but it fails to take into account a number of things. For instance, do we really expect our politicians to be perfect? We should all hold off judging Key until we know for sure what he was told by officials. If officials told John Key it was okay for him to attack people with an axe, shouldn’t he be entitled to rely on their advice?

5:03 pm

Still no statement from David Shearer, and still no condemnation by the media of his actions. Disgraceful!