Speculation Grows About Speculation About Labour

There is growing speculation about the likelihood of further speculation about the leadership of the Labour Party.

Speculation has been growing for some time that a move to speculate on a move to oust David Shearer may be coming soon.

The latest round of speculation began after a number of commentators speculated on the recent speculation about the Labour Party.

This latest bout of speculation will be troubling to the party, after the last round of speculation led to some people speculating about the possibility of speculation on the future of David Shearer, the party’s leader.

If this speculation about speculation continues, a number of commentators may conclude that further speculation is necessary, leading to further speculation about speculation.

Experts fear that all this speculation on speculation may cause a rift in the fabric of time and space, leading to a number of speculators being sucked to their doom through random black holes opening from their bodies.

The prospect of pundits and commentators speculating to such an extent that they disappear up their own backsides will frighten many.

However, some are speculating that a rift in time and space that sucked all political pundits from the Earth might also lead to twenty thousand years of peace and happiness.

Labour leader David Shearer was unavailable to comment on the latest speculation about the effects of speculation on speculation. His silence is likely to lead to further speculation about that speculation.