My US Presidential Endorsement

I promised earlier today that I would formally endorse one of the US presidential candidates.

It has become traditional in the days preceding an election for some media organisation to put their support behind one of the candidates.

But why have I decided to formally endorse one of the candidates?

I hadn’t planned to get involved, but I came to the conclusion that things had gone very wrong in the previous four years. True, there was much to be dissatisfied about in the years prior to the election of the incumbent, but four years ought to be enough for anyone to make a difference.

I feel a burden of responsibility towards my readers, and I know that many of them will be looking for leadership in these tough times. So I have decided to make a difference and put my considerable influence behind one of the candidates.

But before I tell you who I have chosen, let me explain why.

America needs strong leadership. Above all it needs someone at the helm who understands the world of business. Someone who understands the many challenges faced by the US, and who can get the economy working again.

The incumbent has had four years in charge, but what has he achieved? He has blamed the previous Republican administration for the mess the country is in, but that won’t wash. It’s time to give someone else a turn.

That’s why today I am formally endorsing Alf Landon, the Republican nominee for President of the United States. The 1936 election may prove a pivotal moment in the history of the United States. Roosevelt has embarked on a series of ambitious projects, but his tax and spend policies will be the ruin of us all. Say no to the New Deal and do the right thing.

Vote Landon if you want to end America’s steady creep towards socialism.