Ten Important Friday Questions

Has New Zealand Cricket been taking man-management lessons from the Labour Party?

When can we start politicking over the Hobsonville tornado?

If I admit that Garth McVicar deserves credit for helping someone immensely, will my head explode?

Is repeated exposure to Feliz Navidad a defence to anything under the Crimes Act?

Is there more than one Pete George? How else to explain the multiple Pete George posts appearing regularly on every blogsite in the country? Apart from on The Standard, that is.

Why don’t conservatives all hate Santa? He dresses in red, works one day a year, and gives stuff away for free. Is it because the rich kids still get the best toys?

Why hasn’t use of the term “New Zealand Inc.” and all its variants been criminalised?

How often do climate scientists meet to conduct their bloody and secretive rituals, and how do I join their diabolical club? Surely it wouldn’t involve actual study since, according to the wine experts and architects who so powerfully critique their work, it’s all made up anyway.

If the Mayan Prophecy comes true, will my life insurance still pay out?

Does anyone else buy The Truth for the crossword?