My Politician Of The Year

It’s John Banks.

For having the tenacity and courage to lie to the public again and again. Telling so many brazen untruths took a special sort of bravery. His efforts to depict himself as the wronged party were unflagging, even as all the evidence suggested he had engaged in activity that, if not outright unlawful, was certainly unethical and shabby.

For proving us all wrong by surviving with his career intact and holding onto his ministerial position, even if his reputation is forever shattered.

For being courageous enough to turn up to work every day, despite being a laughing stock.

For soldiering on in the bruising and unforgiving world of politics, despite suffering from multiple memory lapses.

For charting new territory for ACT by making many of the party’s few remaining supporters feel ill at the very mention of their leader’s name.

But most of all, for introducing the term “cabbage boat” to our political lexicon.