Trevor Mallard decides to bury the hatchet

Labour Party MP Trevor Mallard says he has decided to “bury the hatchet” in an effort to bring unity to the party’s caucus.

Divisions within Labour’s caucus have rocked the party since David Shearer took over the leadership, resulting in the demotion of David Cunliffe to the backbenches. and leaving party members in despair.

These divisions have also been blamed on the surprise decision by Charles Chauvel to quit politics. Chauvel was seen as a close ally of David Cunliffe.

Mallard made his remark about “burying the hatchet” after Chauvel gave his valedictory speech in Parliament earlier this week.

In his speech Chauvel urged the party to unify and embrace diversity.

“It’s unproductive to keep trying to locate and exclude the supposed enemy within,” said Chauvel.

“Instead, in order to avoid history repeating, it’s time for an honest, open and overdue assessment of why the 2011 campaign produced Labour’s worst ever electoral result.”

Immediately after Chauvel’s speech Mallard said he agreed that party unity was a priority, and he committed to doing everything in his power to help end the turmoil.

“All this bickering is doing nobody any good,” said Mallard. “We need a caucus that speaks with one voice, so it’s time to finish this battle.

“It’s time to bury the hatchet.”

Mr Mallard then produced an axe-like implement, raising it above his head. “I intend to begin by burying this hatchet into the back of Chuckie’s head. Excuse me for a moment. Quick, Chris, shut the doors! Don’t let him leave the House!”