Ten reasons for Labour people not to worry about the polls

  1. That’s not what I’m hearing when I’m out and about talking to ordinary people.
  2. Something or other about how fixed phonelines skew the results.
  3. While the last few polls have show a downward trend, the long-term trend is positive. If you ignore all the data since about 2007, which has basically just been noise, you can see that Labour is dong okay.
  4. Pollsters are fraudsters anyway. They are all in the pockets of big business, and they hate the left.
  5. I always follow my gut instincts. These polls don’t feel right.
  6. There’s something wrong with their polling methodology. I haven’t uncovered it yet, but I will!
  7. There’s only one poll that matters.
  8. Well the public are stupid, but they’ll wake up soon, once they see how evil John Key and his government are. 
  9. David Shearer’s popularity as preferred PM has risen slightly! A great result!
  10. What polls? Not listening!