My thoughts on Colin Craig

I see that Colin Craig is threatening to sue [redacted] for defamation, all because [redacted] wrote a satirical post about him.

When I heard the news my first thought was “thank God it’s not me.” But then I realised that the only reason he’s not suing me is because I’m not important enough.

It’s not really much consolation, is it?

Anyway, Craig’s legal action forces me to declare which side I’m on. I see that [redacted] has come out in support of [redacted], so the pressure is now on me to pick sides.

So let me tell you what I think of Colin Craig. But let me stress that what follows is my personal opinion only.

I think Colin Craig is a [redacted] who deserves to [redacted]. I certainly hope that he [redacted] in [redacted]. If he does [redacted], it will be more than he deserves.

I can’t think of anyone in New Zealand who has done more to [redacted] than Colin Craig. His contribution to the debate over the Marriage Equality Bill was [redacted], while his opposition to the “anti-smacking” law was [redacted].

In fact, I can quite honestly say that I find Colin Craig to be utterly [redacted].

There, now you know where I stand.